Barry Stone lives in Austin, Texas. He is an Associate Professor Coordinator of Photography
in the School of Art and Design at Texas State University. 

Pictures are world-making exercises for me. I place different types of pictures next to one another to create connections among the natural and artificial, reality and fantasy, and truth and fiction. 

All my photographs begin as digital captures. Some remain unaltered, other pictures I manipulate the code of the digital file to purposely introduce anomalies or glitches into the images. The noise and artifacts generated by databending create a kind of collage culled from the image’s constituent digital material.

Nelson Goodman in Ways of Worldmaking, argues that many “right” versions of the world are simultaneously possible; one knows the world by quoting, rearranging, adding to, and subtracting from it. The fact that our perception differs from what a camera traditionally records is a well-worn territory. All photographs are inherently a distorted abstraction of the subjects they have so faithfully recorded.
In embracing this tendency, I am attempting to fashion new worlds forged between observed circumstances and their material distortion.

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Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery
54 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002
(212) 777-7756, klaus@klausgallery.com

Porch Swing Orchestra,  Unarchived photographs paired with improvised field recordings of music played from my front porch and in other surprising places.

 Sunset Commission Recordings, a nano label of vintage and experimental music.


Lakes Were Rivers a collective comprised of eleven artists, formed by Barry Stone in 2008, that makes work informed by the theory and the practice of photography. 

CONTACT: Instagram | email: barry@barrystone{dot}com



2017 Daily, in a Nimble Sea, Art Palace Gallery, Houston, TX
2017 Daily, in a Nimble Sea, Gaa Gallery, Provincetown, MA
2016 The Future of Things Past, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York, NY
2016 Local Tide, S1 Gallery, curated by Parallelogram, Portland, OR
2015 Untitled Art Fair, two person presentation with Eric Zimmerman
         c/o Art Palace Gallery (Houston, TX), Miami, FL
2015 Expanded Geographies, solo presentation, Lianzhou Foto Festival, 
          curated by Christopher Phillips and Joanna Lehan, Lianzhou, China
2015 The World is Round From Here, Gaa Gallery, Wellfleet, MA
2015 New Weather Weaves New Garments, James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA
2014 Hum, Lamar Dodd Gallery, Athens, GA
2013 Look Near into the Distance, Art Palace, Houston, TX
2013 Many Worlds If Any, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, NY, NY
2011 Darkside of the Rainbow, Art Palace, Houston, TX
2011 Hum, SOFA Gallery, Austin, TX
2010 I Met a Unicorn, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2010 One Swallow Doesn't Make a Summer, Ruud and Cook with the Austin Art Alliance, Austin, TX
2009 Highway 71 Revisited, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
2008 Decking the Path to Blessedness, Buffalo Bayou Art Park
         in conjunction with Fotofest, Houston, TX 
2008 Highway 71 Revisited, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2005 Your Name and Mine, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2017 Open Codes-Living in Digital Worlds, Center for Art and Media (ZKM),
          Karlsruhe, Germany, October 20, 2017-August 5, 2018
2017 Home Bodies, Blue Star Contemporary, San Antonio, TX, October 5, 2017-January 21, 2018
2016 Gaa Presents, Gaa Project Space, Cologne, Germany
2016 Cologne Group Exhibition, Gaa Project Space, Cologne, Germany
2015 Mine.Yours.Ours: Contemporary Photography and Video and the American Landscape,     
         Center for Photography Woodstock, Woodstock, NY
2015 Strange Pilgrims, with Lakes Were Rivers, The Contemporary Austin, Austin, TX,
2015 Technovisual: Art in the Age of Code, American Association for the Advancement of Science,
          Washington DC
2015 Oysters With Lemon, Ventana 244, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Frame Shift, Elizabeth Denny Gallery, New York, NY
2014 To Each Their Own, Art Palace, Austin, TX
2013 Contemporary Photographic Practice and the Archive, Harry Ransom Center,
         University of Texas at Austin
2013 Naturalia: Beverly Penn and Barry Stone, Co-Lab Projects, Austin, TX
2013 Of a Technical Nature, Austin Museum of Art / Arthouse at Laguna Gloria, Austin, TX
2012 Walled Garden, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York, NY
2012 Dark Matter, (with Lakes Were Rivers), Vanderbilt University, TN
2012 Long Shadows, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX
2011 (Re)Collection (with Lakes Were Rivers), 1309 Rosewood, Austin, TX
2011 The Ambiguous Object, Cantanker Gallery at Pump Projects, Austin, TX
2011 Texas Biennial 2011, Austin, TX, Curated by Virginia Routledge
2011 Selections from My Musent Touch It, Champion Contemporary, Austin, TX
2011 New Art in Austin, 15 to Watch, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX
2010 It Is Better To Regret Something You Have Done, Art Palace, Houston, TX
2010 Interrupted Landscapes, Champion Contemporary, Austin, TX
2010 One Swallow Doesn’t Make a Summer, (Re)Kirk, Cook & Ruud Projects in conjunction with the
         Austin Arts Council, 2nd Street Business District, Austin
2010 Panta Rei, Box 13 in conjunction with Fotofest 2010, Houston, TX
2009 One on One on One, Art Palace, Austin, TX
2009 Haunts, Privateer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Broken Gold, Courtyard Gallery, AT&T Center, University of Texas at Austin, TX
2009 Texas Biennial 2009, Austin, TX, Juried by Michael Duncan
2008 Troposphere, Hampton House, New York, NY
2008 Treat, Apama Mackey Gallery, Houston, TX
2008 The Fifth of July, Okay Mountain, Austin, TX
2008 New Art Dealer Alliance (NADA) Art Fair, Miami with Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery Miami, FL
2007 And Introducing…,Texas State University Gallery, San Marcos, TX
2007 J&L Group Show, OK OK Gallery, Seattle, WA
2007 J&L BOOKS, Marcia Woods Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2007 Pinned Up, Humble Arts Foundation, 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY
2007 Queso Frito, Issue #2, http://www.quesofrito.com
2006 Adventura, Moti Hasson Gallery, New York, NY
2006 Group Show No.8, Humble Arts Foundation Online http://www.group-show.com
2006 CRG Presents Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, CRG Gallery, New York, NY
2005 Salon, Room, New York, NY
2004 Gifted, The Future Perfect, Brooklyn, NY
2004 Neverland, audioEngine, New York, NY
2004 Art + Commerce 2004 Festival of Emerging Photographers, New York, NY
2003 Move, Aviate Art Collective Action, Knitting Factory, New York, NY
2003 Exhibit No.1, Open Container, Brooklyn, NY
2003 House of Light, The International Center of Photography Education Gallery, New York.            NY Curated by Bernard Yenelouis
2002 Ways and Means, The International Center of Photography Education Gallery,
         New York, NY Curated by Alison Morley
2002 Real Time, Arthouse, Austin, TX, Curated by Alexander Dumbadze
2000 Snapshot, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD
1999 A Fresh Look at Texas Art, McKinney Contemporary Art Museum, Dallas, TX
         Curated by Terrie Sultan


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2011 Idea Fund Grant, The Andy Warhol Foundation   
2001 The Arch and Anne Giles Kimbrough Fund. Dallas Museum of Art
         Photographing Las Vegas


2001 Master of Fine Art in Studio Art, The University of Texas at Austin
         Concentration in Photography
1993 Bachelor of Arts, Biology, The University of Texas at Austin