Spring of 2018 to present

Since 2018, I have posted site-specific musical recordings and accompanying images at PorchSwingOrchestra.org. Mostly recorded on his front porch in Austin, Texas, PSO has occasionally traveled to such far-flung places as Spiral Jetty and coastal Maine.
The website has no archive, meaning that each week a new image and recording displaces the previous upload. Featuring guitar-playing, ambient sound, and collaborations with other artists, the project is an exercise in time, place, and impermanence.Featured Orchestra Collaborators: Gregory Brooks, Bob Warner, Emily Scarlet Kramer, Rainey Knudson, Ryan Lauderdale, Tamara Gonzales, Katy Chrisler, Gibson + Recoder,  Paul Stautinger, Sarah Hennies , Eric Zimmerman , Matt Bauer, Sandy Carson, Ryan Rhodes, Rebecca Marino, and Shannon Spurgeon