Self-published 2020, (out of print)
A series of 12, 11 x17 Double Sided Spreads sent by the postal service.
Includes three inserts with texts by the artist and Mae Stone
from the Olga Yatskevich’s review on Collector Daily

A number of images capture prints with tire marks, stains, and tears; in one, a man’s hand holds a print of a girl in water. These are the papers that flew out of the car, and they carry physical marks of the car accident, the images and papers become nested like dolls. Seen together, Drift is a way to reflect and process the trauma related to the accident, and to bring back together pieces that have been broken apart.

Drift is a similarly brilliant example of thinking creatively about what a photobook can be, considering both the form and the content, and ultimately using the post office to creating a distinct, thoughtful, and intimately tailored experience