For my money, Barry is – for a few years running now – the maker pushing the most fruitfully against the formal constraints of the photobook. But it’s always in service of the work, rather than design or production for its own sake. Lost Pines is an apparently impenetrable object that somehow manages to invite one into the claustrophobic confusion that follows a family tragedy. It’s a real accomplishment. - Tim Carpenter,  Books of 2022 Photobook Store

In 2002, photographer Barry Stone’s grandfather’s trailer was engulfed in a tragic fire. Lost Pines combines Stone’s haunting images of the destroyed trailer with pictures he made of the aftermath of the 2011 Bastrop County Complex Fire over the course of a decade. Eight full-color pull-out posters reproduce Stone’s grandfather’s recovered Polaroids, which are nested between dark, black-and-white landscapes, revealing the human element of personal loss within an ecological disaster. A small, intimate book within a book depicts his grandfather’s darkened and distorted trailer. These diverse pictorial elements create an intricate puzzle that contemplates loss, memory, and healing.
$35 --->Trade Edition 

80 pages
8.625x 11 in, 216 x 279mm
swiss bound
cover enclosing the book
Munken Print 90gsm

8 inserts
4/4 CMYK offset
10.75x 16.125 in, 272 x 410 mm
booklet insert:
5x 6.625 in x 6170 x 127mm
12 pages
saddle stitch
silver staples

Offset printed in Berlin
Production by Outer Space Press


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About the Limited Edition:

Edition of 20.
A special Limited Edition offer, each including a unique Polaroid (4.25" x 3.25") or Instax (4.25" x 3 3/8") print.
The featured print above is an example; please note each print is unique.

Below are the instant images that comprise the special edition:
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